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Mastering the Treatment of Complex Trauma: Transforming Theory into Practice
June 4-5th, 2015

This two-day workshop will teach Structural Dissociation Theory and how it integrates into specific strategies and practical skills to safely and effectively treat complex trauma and developmental disorders. Fraser's Dissociative Table Technique will be taught and demonstrated along with ways to integrate this powerful tool throughout the entire treatment. The art of time orientation will be demonstrated, giving clinicians many valuable tools and skills to eliminate the reliving that causes so much destabilization. Treating dissociative phobias and "problem parts" such as perpetrators, teenagers, critical and young parts will be demonstrated to prepare them for trauma reprocessing. Then specifics on how to titrate the reprocessing to keep the client inside the window of tolerance will complete this master class. All licensed mental health professionals are eligible to attend this two day workshop. Only EMDR Basic Trained are eligible for EMDRIA Credits.

The Power of EMDR: A Practicum for Personal and Professional Development
June 5th (PM) - June 8th, 2015

This practicum workshop will focus on fine tuning EMDR psychotherapy skills while at the same time providing a forum for significant personal growth. Participants will rotate the roles of therapist and client for approximately 60% of the workshop, using personal material to practice and integrate the advanced skills taught in the remaining 40% of the workshop hours. The emphasis is on developing EMDR psychotherapy skills working with attachment and complex trauma. A combination of lecture, videos and live demonstrations will be used to teach these applications. The practicum sessions will be closely supervised to ensure fidelity to the EMDR Standard Protocol and the successful integration of the advanced skills. Because of this close supervision, significant personal work can be accomplished within the practicum setting. The workshop size is limited to maintain a high level of individualized attention and learning.

The events listed above were facilitated by Kathleen Martin, LCSW, an EMDRIA Approved Consultant and Trainer. Kathy specializes in working with complex trauma and dissociation in her private practice in Rochester, NY. She has published an article in the EMDR Journal of Practice and Research detailing the use of Fraser's Dissociative Table for EMDR therapists. Another article entitled the Art of Time Orientation is in press. She teaches internationally on EMDR and topics related to the treatment of trauma and dissociation. For more information about Kathy Martin, LCSW visit her website at

Relieve Suffering, Heal Hearts and Restore Lives With EquiLateralTM
The EquiLateralTM Certification Course for EMDR Therapists & Equine Professionals

May 24th, 2013

Identified as a comprehensive and integrative treatment approach, the current research on the neurological underpinnings of trauma is supportive of Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) as a treatment of choice for trauma treatment. EquiLateralTM is the Equine-Assisted EMDR Protocol, an innovate integration of Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) and EMDR. We are still doing the eight phases of EMDR, but through an equine-assisted approach.

Healing The Healer 1/2 Day Workshop
Equine-Inspired Ethics: Discovering Our Projections Through Horsemanship 1/2 Day Workshop (4 NBCC Approved CEU's)

March 8th, 2013

Join Sarah Jenkins MC, LPC for an interactive and lively workshop Healing the Healer. Believe it or not, horses can help us find balance in our lives and have a lot to teach us about self-care and nurturance! You won't want to miss this inspiring and innovative workshop! In addition, are you looking for a unique and fun way to get your Ethics CEU's? Then join me after Healing the Healer for Equine-Inspired Ethics. With horses helping us, we can develop an even greater self-awareness surrounding interpersonal and personal biases that impact our therapeutic relationships.

Equine-Inspired Ethics: Discovering Our Projections Through Horsemanship (4 NBCC Approved Continuing Education Units)
January 26th, 2013   9am - 1pm
Workshop Location ~ 8 Horse Ranch in Scottsdale
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On the next day, plan to join me for Equine Inspired Ethics, an Equine Assisted Therapy based Ethics workshop. Get out of the office and those hard conference chairs and into the arena for those 4 Ethics CEU's!

This ethics and practice issues workshop provides attendees with an opportunity to develop greater self-awareness surrounding interpersonal and personal biases that can impact the therapeutic relationship.

In this four hour workshop therapists will participate in equine-assisted experiences and activities that provide opportunities to identify and explore patterns of projection and countertransference that can impact the therapeutic process. Practitioners learn, experientially, how these are ethical dilemmas and can be identified in the moment.

Attendees will also learn how to identify how these projections can cause 'rips' in the therapeutic relationship that need 'repairing' to create more positive treatment outcomes. Attendees will learn through case examples, hands on equine-assisted experiences, and interactive group discussions.

Equine Workshops

Relieve Suffering, Heal Hearts and Restore Lives With EquilateralTM
The Equine-Assisted EMDR Protocol (4 CEC's)

January 25, 2013   9am - 1pm
Registration Is Full.
Workshop Location ~ 8 Horse Ranch in Scottsdale
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Ready to learn a powerful new technique to help your clients heal from trauma? Join me for a highly interactive workshop that will introduce EquilateralTM, the first EMDR protocol to integrate EMDR and EAP to address trauma.

Utilizing the EquilateralTM Protocol, trauma survivors learn affect tolerance, grounding skills and the ability to maintain the dual attention necessary to complete the eight phases of EMDR.

In this workshop you'll be offered an integrative and unique approach to trauma treatment while still maintaining fidelity to EMDR's research based standard protocol. This beneficial workshop will include case studies, discussion, and equine assisted experiences to help attendees learn how to treat complex PTSD, dissociation and attachment related issues through Equine-Assisted EMDR.

Sierra Tucson is pleased to co-sponsor the Continuing Education Units for this amazing event. Sierra Tucson is approved by the American Psychological Association to provide quality education for clinicians and psychologists.

Fee: $50 including lunch and CEC's provided by Sierra Tucson
Limited Spaces Available - Please register by 1/5/13

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