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Healing The Whole Self: Treating Dissociation in Harmony with EMDR Therapy

Friday, August 16th, 2019

8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Location: 3231 S. Country Club Way, Suite 111, Tempe, Arizona 85282

Whether a seasoned EMDR therapist, or one who is recently trained, we all know that clients with complex developmental trauma disorders don’t necessarily "fit the mold." It can be challenging when the traumatic material does not move. We may find ourselves trying to figure out what to do and what to target. Perhaps we find ourselves feeling "stuck" with these challenging cases, wondering why EMDR Standard Protocol isn’t "working," baffled by why a client destabilizes, and needing extra clinical support.

The challenge is not that the EMDR standard protocol doesn’t "work," it is actually that with complex trauma, there is a dissociative process in place that must be treated, first. And, no matter whether working in an agency, or in private practice, we all work with clients with complex trauma and dissociation. It imperative that EMDR therapists working with complex trauma include extensive stabilization measures, including the treatment of the dissociation itself, thereby ensuring the client’s ability to maintain dual attention necessary for processing.

Because EMDR therapy is not a stand-alone treatment for dissociation, clients with complex trauma and dissociation need EMDR clinicians to be proficient in the dissociation theory and the treatment of dissociation. Without this understanding, EMDR clinicians may find themselves overlooking its impact on the clinical landscape. For those not trained in dissociation theory, there can then become extensive, sometimes even seemingly daunting, search for additional preparation and stabilization skill building interventions. Meanwhile, the dissociation is still not being addressed. Therefore, as EMDR clinicians working with complex trauma it is ethically and clinically necessary to seek additional training, consultation, and clinical support when working with complex trauma and dissociation.

This full day training will provide attendees with an introduction to the treatment of complex developmental trauma and dissociation. A highly interactive and engaging training, participants will learn via case studies, video, interactive activities, and didactic discussion. Attendees will be provided and introduction to structural dissociation theory as well as specific "how-to" methods for addressing complex trauma.

Eligibility for 7 EMDRIA Credits is restricted to those who have completed an EMDRIA-Approved Basic EMDR Training. If you are seeking EMDRIA Credits, please also email a copy of your EMDR Training Certificate of Completion to in order to complete your registration.

Sold Out!
This event will run again in 1st quarter, 2019
Dates To Be Announced Soon.

Equinimity: An Equine-Facilitated Healing Retreat for Therapists

Coming November 2018

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM each day

Location: 11031 East Victoria St., Chandler AZ 85248

Today’s clinicians are challenged to keep a sense of calm & equanimity whilst witnessing & working with the most complex examples of human suffering. Clinicians, both in the private and public sectors are challenged with managing intense case-loads, whilst attempting to also nourish and sustain a health life-work balance. As a result, our risk for burnout is high if we are unable to dedicate ourselves to self-care, including identifying the blocks that impact our ability to maintain our emotional fitness as healing professionals.

With this in mind, this Equine-Assisted EMDR based workshop is designed to offer clinicians the opportunity to experience nurturing and inspiring opportunities in partnership with the equine. With the equine as co-facilitator of the experience, both EMDR and non-EMDR therapy trained clinicians are invited to share mindful experiences that serve as an anchor for maintaining a conscious and dedicated practice of self-care to help reduce and prevent burnout. Through experiential activities, co-facilitated with equine, attendees will be able to identify and explore internal blocks, as well as discover lessons from the horse that support mindfulness and calm as a path to restoring self-care.

14 EMDRIA Credits Approved

The workshop is held from 9-5 Saturday and Sunday at my small ranchette in Chandler, AZ.
Please note that accommodation is not included as attendees are encouraged to stay at a local hotel - recommendations will be provided.

Please include your EMDRIA Approved EMDR Training Completion Date if EMDR Trained:

Registration for this course is closed.

Workshops For Counselors

In addition to supervising and educating therapists, I provide local and international workshops on trauma, recovery, PTSD, EMDR, as well as Equine-Assisted Therapy for a variety of treatment centers and professional organizations including The Arizona Psychological Association, EMDR Canada (EMDR Canada Annual Conference, 2009), Empact-SPC (Southwest Schools Conferences), Sierra Tucson, The Meadows, Promises Treatment Center, and additional local and national organizations.

My workshops for counselors also provide new and seasoned counselors, EMDR therapists, as well as equine therapy practitioners, with practical skills, techniques, and increased confidence for working with trauma survivors including, but not limited to, those with histories of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, neglect, and abandonment.

Are you a counselor feeling "blocked" in your work with a client?

Many times I also offer workshops or even equine-assisted intensives that can help attendees increase their confidence, learn boundary setting skills, how to navigate relationships, and regulate challenging emotions. Or, if your client is already seeing you for EMDR, I can support your work by creating positive resource states and experiences through equine assisted EMDR.

Essentially, my workshops or even equine assisted EMDR sessions, can serve as an adjunct to your client's work with you. Your client stays your client, and what he or she learns is brought back for you to work on in treatment.

Past Events

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