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Sarah Jenkins, MC, LPCSarah Jenkins, MC, LPC
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Are any of these familiar?

Feeling anxious, depressed, withdrawn, or fearful
Sleeping too much or too little
Being drawn to drugs and alcohol
Feeling out of your body, detached, or not connected
Unable to maintain positive relationships
Having flashbacks or nightmares
Unexplained physical experiences or pains
Sarah Jenkins, MC, LPC, AZ Counseling, Therapist, Counselor, EMDR, PTSD Treatment, Counseling Services, Arizona, AZ Finding it hard to make decisions
Being withdrawn
Feeling guilty, damaged, not whole
Being easily stressed or upset

Or, like many of my clients, maybe you want relief from the anxiety, depression, and PTSD symptoms that sexual abuse, physical abuse, and emotional abuse can bring.

And, if you've even done talk therapy, counseling, and treatment before, maybe you "still feel this way."

It can change.
You can Feel Better.

Phoenix Counseling Services, Arizona PTSD Treatment, Arizona EMDR Therapy, EMDR Therapy Basic Training, Consultation

My name is Sarah Jenkins, MC, LPC, CPsychol. An EMDR therapist since 2002, I specialize in Arizona EMDR therapy. I am an EMDRIA Approved EMDR Training Provider, EMDRIA/HAP Approved EMDR Consultant, Certified EMDR therapist, and Equine Assisted Therapist.

I know that finding a counselor and beginning counseling can be overwhelming. You may feel like you're the "only one." You're not. Many of my clients felt that way at first. But, perhaps they are a little like you. Read their FAQ's.

I know that no matter what you are going through, the bottom line is that you just want to feel better. You can.

Start here.

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