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DBR Intensives

If you are a therapist, you might feel stuck, blocked, overwhelmed, or burned out. Or, perhaps if you are currently in therapy, you may feel the same. Healing from complex trauma can often feel overwhelming. In turn, we therapists working with complex trauma can also feel overwhelmed. Our clients can feel the same.

My DBR Intensives for therapists are focused on clinicians finding a greater sense of freedom and expansion, as opposed to them perhaps feeling  “blocked,” overwhelmed, stuck with certain clients, or perhaps even drained or burned out. Maybe this is familiar. If we don’t address these issues,  we can get caught in “trance dances” with clients and blind spots in our personal and professional lives.

In addition to office based DBR, I also offer Equine-Assisted DBR, which supports a deepening of the experience when partnering with horses and to prevent overwhelm while processing via DBR therapy.

For equine-assisted practitioners and equine professionals, DBR is also helpful. We often “get back on the horse,” but can still have layers of unease or distress around our horsemanship. An ear flick. A sudden movement. A certain sound. All of these may still be triggering. My DBR intensives, which may or may not include equine interactions, address what is often unhealed and still “lies beneath” our horse related incidents and traumas. DBR equine intensives are focused on being able to expand fully into one’s equine assisted clinical work and horsemanship and fully embody the sense of joy that it can bring. 

I also offer adjunctive DBR intensives for clients who are working with a primary therapist and there may be clinical impasses, especially related to unhealed shock. and that other therapeutic modalities may not be accessed or addressed. Clients complete a short-term DBR intensive with me, and then return to their primary therapist to continue their treatment.