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DBR Intensives

If you are a therapist, you might feel stuck, blocked, overwhelmed, or burned out. Or, perhaps if you are currently in therapy, you may feel the same. Healing from complex trauma can often feel overwhelming. In turn, we therapists working with complex trauma can also feel overwhelmed. Our clients can feel the same. Deep Brain Reorienting Therapy (DBR) Intensives can help.

My DBR Intensives for therapists are focused on clinicians finding a greater sense of freedom and expansion, as opposed to perhaps feeling  “blocked,” overwhelmed, stuck with certain clients, drained, fearful, or burned out. Maybe this is familiar. It can create painful blind spots in our personal and professional lives.

DBR Intensives are also available for therapists who are just curious about what DBR therapy is and would like to experience it for themselves.

In addition to office-based DBR, I also premiered Equine-Assisted DBR, which supports a deepening of the experience when partnering with horses and helps to prevent overwhelm while processing via DBR therapy. 

I also offer adjunctive DBR intensives for clients who are in therapy, but perhaps the client and/or therapist still feel “stuck.” Sometimes there is unhealed shock or even a dissociative process that has not been identified that “blocks” their healing work and creates a clinical impasse.


If you are a therapist interested in a DBR or EA-EMDR intensive for your client, we would coordinate so that your client completes a short-term DBR intensive with me, and then returns to you afterward. 

For equine-assisted practitioners and equine professionals, DBR intensives can also be helpful. We might “get back on the horse” after incidents, but we can still have unease or distress around our horsemanship “pop up,” even years later. An ear flick. A sudden movement. A certain sound. We can still get triggered unexpectedly. I offer customized DBR intensives to help equine-assisted practitioners and professionals heal these unhealed experiences so that they can expand fully into their love of horses, horsemanship, and the work they enjoy.