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Structural Dissociation Training

Treat Dissociation In Harmony With EMDR Therapy

I offer a dissociation master class that consists of Healing The Whole Self: Part 1 (7 EMDRIA Credits) as well as a subsequent Healing the Whole Self: Part 2 (13 EMDRIA Credits) two-day practicum that provides EMDR therapists with the opportunity to increase their confidence and skills in working with Structural Dissociation Theory. Therapists will apply what has been taught in HWS Part 1, including the application of Fraser’s Dissociative Table /Meeting Place as it relates to EMDR Therapy and working with complex trauma.

I have attended many advanced EMDR trainings focused on structural dissociation, and they left me feeling insecure in the application of the theory. During Healing the Whole Self Part 2, Sarah provided a safe place to be vulnerable and work through my professional insecurities while also learning the material. SDT is a complex one to learn, especially when we have our own parts and dissociative processes. I realized I was dissociating into a child perspective in session with some of my more complex clients, which creates anxiety that I am not doing enough and an urge to rescue. I had so many shifts and realizations during this training it’s hard to put into words. Simply put, I came to the training with a child perspective and left with a fully capable and confident adult perspective. The best part is that it has stayed with me. I can now catch myself and time orient when I feel triggered with my clients and am able to apply SDT in my everyday work, like a permanent lens and gift that I carry with me always. Thank you Sarah for this gift.
Ashley Murphy