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Frequently Asked Questions about Dragonfly International Therapy

"If I go to counseling, doesn't it mean that I'm crazy?"

You are not alone in asking this question; many people are worried that going to counseling means, "I'm crazy." It doesn't. It just means that you have feelings, experiences, or struggles right now. To want something different than what you are experiencing, that seems pretty normal to me. That isn't crazy.

"What if I'm still unsure about seeing a counselor?

It can be a really difficult decision to make and it's also normal to feel nervous at first. Plus, there are probably just as many reasons for why you are seeking counseling as there are for why you don't want to. You may have fears that going to see someone means that there is "something wrong with you." Maybe you've had negative experiences in counseling before. You might be uncomfortable sharing certain feelings, thoughts, or experiences. Protective layers may have even piled up over the years. So, I understand that it can take a lot to take that first step, start counseling. But, that's okay. Take your time.

Even if you're not sure if you want to see a counselor, or start counseling, you can still find some additional support today. My self-help eBook "Stories for Healing Hearts" is filled with inspiring short stories and useful exercises for those recovering from anxiety, depression, drugs and alcohol. There you will discover that you are not alone, even if it feels like you are.

"Am I the only one going through this?"

The numbers are staggering of women and men seeking counseling who struggle with depression, anxiety, PTSD, let alone survived traumas like sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, violence, and traumatic losses.

"Why would the past have anything to do with how I'm feeling now?"

The past can be tricky. It can create what you are going through now, even if you don't know it consciously. It can create fear, sadness, anxiety, depression, PTSD; you name it. The bottom line is that if anything you are going through knows is, looks, sounds, or even feels "familiar" to you, it is likely that something in the past is linked to your present struggles. It's like a wolf in sheep's clothing. It can often look like something else, even the symptoms you're currently experiencing.

For example, if you ever felt unsafe physically, sexually, or emotionally those experiences can influence your current feelings, thoughts, relationships, and choices. The pain can appear in the present, in other places of your life, when you least expect, or want it to. The past essentially gets "stored" and is then "brought up" by your current life situation.

"What kinds of things do you help people with?"

These are just a few of the experiences that my clients have worked on in counseling. Maybe some of them are familiar.

Feeling Depressed . Feeling Anxious . Childhood Sexual Abuse . Sexual Assault . Physical Abuse . Emotional Abuse . Difficulty Relaxing . Nightmares . Not Feeling Good Enough . Family Conflicts . Job Stress . Performance Blocks . Feelings of Emptiness . Lack of Confidence . Low motivation . Grief and Loss . Low Self Esteem . Feeling Alone . Strong Fears . Stopping Substances . Fear of Public Speaking . Feelings of Guilt . Lack of Social Support . Flashbacks . Mood Swings . Divorce .

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