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Arizona PTSD Treatment

Have you ever felt that your physical or emotional safety was threatened, or have you ever experienced abuse, assault, or violence?

Like many of my clients, my guess is that you don't think that your past was "traumatic." "It wasn't that bad." Maybe you don't think it has anything to do with your current symptoms. We often find out that it does.

"But, I'm over it; I worked on it already."

Maybe you already "worked on it." But, your feelings of anxiety, depression, PTSD, or drug and alcohol abuse still continue. And, like many of my clients, perhaps you even tried Phoenix counseling, or had counseling elsewhere. The past traumas haven't been "released" from your nervous system.

The past can still affect you, even if it was years ago, and even if it didn't create full-blown PTSD. Panic attacks. Depression. Drug and alcohol abuse. Anxiety. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

And, if you do have PTSD, you probably feel anxious, agitated, "on guard," have flashbacks, or even body memories. You just want it to stop. You just want to feel calmer, safer, happier, and more grounded.

About PTSD, Arizona PTSD Treatment, Phoenix Counseling

Finding counseling also requires that you feel safe with your counselor. Plus, if you're looking for Phoenix counseling or Arizona PTSD treatment, you may not know where to start. This is especially true if you've ever felt unsafe, whether or not you have PTSD.

Know that I have focused my Phoenix counseling career on helping women and men who have experienced assault, abuse, and violence, as well as supervising therapists who have provided trauma treatment. Learn more about me, and why I think I can help here. Learn more about my Phoenix counseling services and what I can offer you here.

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Phone: 480.370.7630 (001 US Country Code)
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Dragonfly International Therapy, LLC
3231 South Country Club Way,
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Office Location
My Phoenix counseling office is conveniently located in Tempe, Arizona and easily accessed off of the 60, 101, and 202 highways. It is located at the second driveway on the East side of Country Club Way in Tempe, just north of Southern Ave and east of McClintock. Make sure not to confuse it with Country Club Road, which is much further east. You can also visit mapquest for more detailed directions, or view the map at the bottom of this page.

Please note that Inner-Work Counseling, an Intensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Program, is also on site should clients seek a seamless coordination of care with intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment.

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